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اخرین به روز رسانی: 2021-03-24 نسخه: 1.0.77
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4 star, for now... Knowing Issue : - graphic glitching, mostly will happen when dropping from the plane. - sound effect, the sound will miss lead you into thinking that enemy are closer when playing. - Freezing, likely will happen 2~5 time every match depend on your device, kinda annoying. - very hard to spot enemy, heck most of the time other will find you first.(make me really believe that most of them are bots) - the control is... Meh... Auto aim sometime work, sometimes not. - Fix Please!!!


The game's pretty fun, and is actually the only Battle Royale I've even bothered to try, mostly because I like the art direction. What would make this better is more characters, more customization (maybe some vanity items/clothing instead of just skins that are restrictive), more game modes, and more maps. I understand that it's very new, of course, so it will take time. Looking forward to this game's future!


The game needs some more improving. You should add a lot of things like having a drone when you are high up so you can glide towards your destination, make the jump distance higher so you can get on top of mountains easier, add realism to the game. But all in all, it seems to be a decent game. One last thing, please make the drop rates of rare things higher because watching ads are enough to open crates and claim freebies, so please make the drop rates higher so it's not a waste of time.

Omega Legends is a sci-fi battle royale shooter set in the near future where the game known as "Ω" has taken the world by storm! Select a Hero and make use of their abilities to defeat the competition. Choose to fight alone or team up with friends in intense battles with one hundred participants. Hunt down enemies, build defenses, or take a stealthy approach, do whatever it takes to be the last one standing!

Distinct Heroes with Unique Abilities
Heroes with unique abilities to suit different playstyles. Any Hero is capable of dominating the battlefield in the right hands! Whether you prefer stealth, rush attacks, healing, or defensive play, there is always a Hero that matches and enhances your strategy. Use the Heroes' abilities at opportune moments to gain the upper hand in every match!

Battle Players Around the World in Diverse Modes
Play in a variety of modes! Fight to be the last player standing in the classic Survival Mode, or outwit and outlast your opponents in the all-new Covert Operation!

Large-Scale Multiplayer Battles on Dynamic Maps
Beautiful maps serve as backdrops for large-scale battles. The terrain changes over the course of battle to provide an immersive experience! Experience the innovative game mode, Covert Operation, where the key to victory is to eliminate each enemy with one decisive stroke.

A Multitude of Items and Realistic Gunplay
Choose from a wide variety of firearms modeled after real guns, each with distinct traits for unique shooting experiences! Use a wide variety of items at your disposal, including highly destructive Fragmentation Grenades, Flashbangs and Smoke Grenades to disrupt visibility, and volatile Landmines that can be hidden.

Fair and Fun Experience
Omega Legends is optimized to provide smooth gameplay on most devices. Our anti-cheat system and no-weapon-selling policy uphold fair competition.

Quick Matchmaking or Team Up with Friends
Jump into the action with quick matchmaking or create custom rooms to team up with your friends!

Official Facebook Page:

Note: This game requires an internet connection to play.
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