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Granny is here to lock you in her own house, and this intense arcade experience is from the Dvloper. Granny is the one who decides your fate and everything that happens in your life right after you enter her home. By looking at this game's name, don't try to think there will be a kind granny like your grandma here. This granny is horrific and makes you want to avoid her.

Intense Gameplay with Horror Experience
The game features a horrifying granny, and we cannot predict what she is going to do next. So we as players have to give our all efforts to get out of her house. But you will not do it easily at all. Every minute and every instance of the game will be doubled with horror, which is very intense as you cannot make any noise. Granny hears everything.
You only have five days to escape here, and until you make it a successful escape, you can try to hide under beds or in the wardrobes. And for a more intense experience, you can try LDPlayer 9 as it offers you the best features to enjoy this thriller.

Search and Escape
In Granny, you have to find as many clues and items that can help you escape from this house and never try to be caught. If she caught you, the things she is doing to you would never be pleasant. Hit her with the items and find clues to make a successful escape from this horrifying home.


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