Crash Heads

Mikita Iskrov
اخرین به روز رسانی: 2022-01-27 نسخه: 1.0.1
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Crash Heads is a top-down action RPG and an archery squad game.
Lead the heroes to beat the monsters: enter epic crash battle and smash all the enemies. Massive attacks, various foe waves, dynamic style of squad arrow game and you are at the heart of it all!

Try heroes with different roles: build unique group combinations to discover the gameplay variability and feel the fun to the max. You have an archer, ice wizard, hammerer and others vs. bulls, necromancers, and hounds. Use axe and other awesome weapons to defeat them and go to the next level.

In each squad game adventure, you receive 1 to 5 cards with heroes and spells. Collect them all to activate new characters and use magic twists.

- Gather different hero groups with their own strengths and play style!
- Kill all the opponents with an axe, spear or archery and enjoy juicy animations!
- Use majestic spells: falling meteorites, freezing, healing abilities, and many more.
- Control the entire squad game with one finger!

Let the ultimate crash battle begin!
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