Bricks Breaker Quest

اخرین به روز رسانی: 2021-03-19 نسخه: 1.3.9
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Pretty boring to see the same thing over and over (hundreds of levels in a row with no creativity)... After a short time the only thing that changes is when they throw an unbeatable level hoping you'll spend money in order to move on to the next level where all they do is rearrange a few blocks... I still play it here and there but really not sure why...


Basic game play but fun. Words to the devs: I feel as if the ball guide line is off a bit can aim at the same place and it will either go above or below the actual course aimed. Also I'd be more willing to buy boosts and other items from the store if they were cheaper or If you would offer smaller choices. If you know you won't beat a level just restart it to avoid the ads.


I enjoy a good mindless game. This one is not excluded. this would likely be a 5 star review because I do enjoy it. Except it lags like crazy. Used to lag if I tried to play while talking on the phone. Now its just ALL the time. The lag screws with where you're aiming and slows the game play. Almost unplayable.

How to play
- The ball flies to wherever you touched.
- Clear the stages by removing bricks on the board.
- Break the bricks and never let them hit the bottom.
- Find best positions and angles to hit every brick.

- Free to play
- Tons of stages
- Various types of balls
- Easy to play, Simplest game system, Designed for one handheld gameplay.
- Off-line (without internet connection) gameplay supported
- Multi-play supported
- Tablet device supported
- Achievement & leaderboard supported



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