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Stop putting stuff in the middle of the editing screen. Before it was the damn Trashcan that was blocking the field, now it's those damned filters, which is even more annoying, since it blocks even more. I can't edit those parts of the screen anymore since it'll just activate whatever is placed there. It's driving me insane. Swiping for the filters was enough. Please fix it. Or come up with a different idea.


Pretty neat. Don't use the whole delete after opening thiñg. whomever made that had some serious issues. lol. But to each their own. It's all about the snaps baby. The whole time limitation feels a bit short, but maybe that's selfish. Outside of that and the occasional bug and/or crash it's pretty solid. Both in function and a fairly clever interface to boot. Only issue is how they split and send snaps gets very annoying. I'm not sure why they do it but whatever the reason isn't working


Whatever update they rolled out or didn't roll out (I'm on an android so that's probably why it hasn't been fixed already) has caused the stories to mess up. I'm often watching a public story and when it comes to an ad break, it will "reset" me back to the beginning of the story. Then I have to annoyingly click all the way back thru the snaps I've already seen just to get to the ad. At first I was hoping it was some kind of bug that would be quickly resolved, however, that has not been the case

Snapchat is a famous social media communication app that gives the entire freedom for users to enjoy free communication, and Snap Inc has introduced this to the world to have the best communication experience. The app lets users build new friendships, making you connected with worldwide friends by sharing pictures, chatting, discussing, and many more.

Communication with Added Creativity

Snapchat is not just an ordinary communication app as it allows communication in a live messaging platform. The chats can be advanced with the use of several creative filters, and we can also use some special lenses here. So whatever image you are looking for to show yourself as cool will be made here with thousands of cute filters available in the app.
Moreover, Snapchat lets you do video chats with up to 16 buddies at once, and there are several ways to express yourself, like using bitmojis and friendmojis. Every Snapchat user has the freedom to check their other friends. To make Snapchat into having the best user experience, you now have LDPlayer 9.


Spotlight to Enjoy Snapchat

This is one of the coolest features that comes with Snapchat, where users can upload their photos or enjoy what they see on the feed. If your favorite person is sharing the location with you through your personal map, Snapchat gives you all the facilities to explore more of the real-time stories around the globe. So if you are a person who would love to create some memories as a movie or as an image, here you go, Snapchat.


Snapchat features for PC:

The reason why we promote Snapchat for PCs is because of the content quality it offers. It is superior in graphics and offers unbeatable picture quality. Another reason is that it is accessible and doesn’t glitch.

Additionally, you can also get advantages such as making epic bitmojis and snaps too! This is an entire package worth of excitement and fun!


Can you use Snapchat via PC?

This is a question many people bombard us with, and if you look at the internet searches, it is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after questions. There is indeed a way to use Snapchat with the help of a PC. Although Snapchat hasn’t released a PC-friendly version of their own, however, there are other ways that you can reap the advantages this app has to offer.

LDPlayer will be a great way to make that happen, and therefore should certainly be installed on your PC.

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